Revenue cycle management

To Maximise revenue your Practice must have optimized revenue cycle processes


From registration through collections, every step has to be efficient, effective and timely. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions optimize existing technology and reduce reliance on manual, error-prone processes so that your organization receives reimbursements faster.

Iclaim strives for fewer denials, lower AR days, increased collections, increased cash on hand, reduced patient and payer collection costs, and lower overall administrative costs.


Iclaim handles all aspects of billing. Our services include:

  • Import Charges from Practices
  • Patients demographic entry
  • Enter patient insurance information
  • Enter CPT’s and Diagnoses
  • Second level of claims scrubbing
  • Submitting claims electronically to insurance companies
  • Post remits that come either in paper form or ERA’s
  • Denial management
  • EOM Reports