Our billing services are proficient and work around the clock to offer the best product for our Doctors. Beginning at the Physician's office, patients are scheduled online using our web-based software. The Superbills/encounters can be sent to us either by Fax, FTP or by mail. Every document received will be scanned and saved in electronic format. Once the bills are put through the batch processor they will be entered within 24 hours. Our auditing team will audit all the entries before submitting the claims electronically. Our Quality department will look for the clearing house rejections and they will scrutinize the rejected claims, fix and resubmit them.

Once we receive the EOB batch either by fax/mail or through the banks Lockbox they get scanned and processed any denied claims are then sent to the denial management team. A well qualified team handles all the denials in order to recover the revenue for you. The process begins with a thorough study of the claims and identifying denials. Rejections based on the eligibility for Insurance ids etc are followed up either by communicating with the Dr's office or with the patient. Our Seasoned A/R department will follow up on every unsettled claim and take necessary actions. With our systematic Account Receivable follow up process helps to improve the cash flow and profitability. Our user friendly system helps the Physicians to pull up any claim at any given point of time and check the status.

Medical Billing Services

  • Full charge entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Detailed accounts receivable follow-ups with insurance companies
  • Monthly status reports available online
  • Patient phone calls (toll free numbers)

  • Individual account representative
  • Customized dedicated voice mails and fax lines
  • 24 hour claim processing
  • Patient reminder calls
  • Medical Transcription

Revenue cycle management

To Maximise revenue your Practice must have optimized revenue cycle processes


Practice Management

Helps you handle complex billing matters, automate routine tasks, and streamline office workflows.



Iclaim continues to test better ways to improve collections, decrease A/R days, decrease cost to collect, increase cash on hand.


New Setup Practice Consulting

Consultants help Practice Managers through analysis, statistics, and strategy.


Coding Audit Services

Increase revenue and decrease compliance risk.Iclaim coding audits identifies coding errors, under-coding and over-coding

Low-Cost, High Impact Guided Business Intelligence Service

Iclaim Is A Provider Of Data Analytics And Cloud-Based Healthcare Intelligence

Improve your operations

Take the right actions to improve operations and financial outcomes. Using our KPIs and action planning, we will help you discover key levers and trends.

Drive the right behavior

Use our best practice insight and comparative metrics to drive specific actions at the individual provider level or transform the entire organization.

Utilize world class benchmarking

Use our benchmarking tools to monitor and improve your practice's performance. Gain access to insightful and actionable comparative analytics across the organization.

Reduce cost

Use insights to make workflow changes and increase the utilization and productivity of your staff to improve cost and profitability.

Ensure best practices

Understand and drive best practices to create a high performing organization. Optimize processes for more successful transition to value-based care.

Manage compliance

Understand and improve your patient portal utilization. Drive meaningful use compliance and realize the value of your investments.