Medical Billing System


Our billing services are proficient and work around the clock to offer the best product for our Doctors. Beginning at the Physician's office, patients are scheduled online using our web-based software. The Superbills/encounters can be sent to us either by Fax, FTP or by mail. Every document received will be scanned and saved in electronic format. Once the bills are put through the batch processor they will be entered within 24 hours. Our auditing team will audit all the entries before submitting the claims electronically. Our Quality department will look for the clearing house rejections and they will scrutinize the rejected claims, fix and resubmit them. Once we receive the EOB batch either by fax/mail or through the banks Lockbox they get scanned and processed any denied claims are then sent to the denial management team. A well qualified team handles all the denials in order to recover the revenue for you. The process begins with a thorough study of the claims and identifying denials. Rejections based on the eligibility for Insurance ids etc are followed up either by communicating with the Dr's office or with the patient. Our Seasoned A/R department will follow up on every unsettled claim and take necessary actions. With our systematic Account Receivable follow up process helps to improve the cash flow and profitability. Our user friendly system helps the Physicians to pull up any claim at any given point of time and check the status.


Full charge entry

We at iClaim understand that Charge Entry is the first and vital step of the process. Our highly equipped team of Charge entry will ensure accurate entry of essential information and this information goes through dual scrubbing process first by our human auditing team and the latter by the iClaim's built in scrubbing module. This ensures clean submission of the claims.


Detailed accounts receivable follow-ups with insurance companies

Our dedicated follow up team work sensibly and effectively on every claim to reduce the days in A/R and to ensure that our Clients get paid more. This methodology helps us to attend and analyze every single claim with a Falcon's vision and to reimburse them.


Payment Posting

We guarantee for a prompt and accurate posting of all the payments and claims. These payments are audited thoroughly in order to reduce errors. We also ensure to process the secondary claims or the patient statements, if necessary.


Monthly status reports available online

There is no persuasiveness more effectual than the transparency. Hence the status of all claims is accessible in your fingertips 24/7.


Patient phone calls (toll free numbers)

Our professional expertise team takes every call with a "First call resolution" to make sure every call is being attended with quality. They attend every call courteously and professionally.


Individual account representative

A dedicated and highly equipped medical billing professional acts as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for your account to help you better. This helps you in coming through different channels for any of your needs.


Customized dedicated voice mails and fax lines

Customized voice mails to ensure no abandoned calls and every voice mails will be returned within 24 Hours.


24 hour claim processing

We process round the clock to ensure 100% of the claims being adjudicated.


Patient reminder calls

Additionally, we provide patient reminder calls for reminding their appointments. All calls are documented and patients are reminded of any past balances too.


Medical Transcription

iClaim provides quality medical transcription at low cost. Transcription can be recorded digitally or by Toll free (800) phone numbers. Our expert medical transcription staff guarantees the fastest turnaround. Our secured Data Storage will accomplish all the needs of Medical Transcription.


Patient reminder calls

Additionally, we provide patient reminder calls for reminding their appointments. All calls are documented and patients are reminded of any past balances too.